Script Pipeline Contest Winner "Standoff" Releases January 2019

Henry Dunham's screenplay won the Script Pipeline competition


PMG Co-Produced Short Wins 2018 Brooklyn Film Fest Award

Marina Michelson's "Biophilia" won Best Screenplay


PMG Contest Winner Sold "Snow White" to Universal

Evan Daugherty went on to write several major studio releases


Tripper Clancy Sells "Stuber" to 20th Century Fox

A Script Pipeline winner, Tripper has other studio projects in development


"The Living Wake" Produced by PMG, Available on Streaming

Stars Mike O'Connell and Academy Award Nominee Jesse Eisenberg


Romcom "Off the Menu" from Pipeline Finalist Jen Goldson Produced

Pipeline execs introduced writer Jen Goldson to producer/director Jay Silverman


Ensemble Cast Stars in Action-Comedy "Endgame"

Co-Produced by PMG's Chad Clough, based on the script by Brian Watanabe


Script Pipeline Contest Winner "Killing Season" Produced

Robert De Niro stars alongside John Travolta


"Between" Premieres at Sundance

The film, developed by Script Pipeline, aired on Lifetime


The divisions of Pipeline Media Group seek exceptional talent for a film and television landscape continuously pursuing bold, unique voices. Established in 1999 as “Script Pipeline Into Motion Pictures,” a forerunner in screenplay coverage and the distinct hands-on process of connecting writers worldwide to Hollywood, the company has since branched out to consider literary and produced content. A filter for over 15,000 scripts, TV pilots, books, and short films reviewed annually, PMG has supplied its comprehensive network of executives with countless clients and projects. All PMG sites share the same mission: to advance the careers of original artists, support diversity and socially conscious storytelling, encourage new generations of creatives, and foster a much-needed outlet for those with limited access to the entertainment industry.

Script Pipeline

For 20 years, Script Pipeline has played an essential role in launching the careers of screenwriters. Annual competitions and notes services build the foundation for a platform fixated on discovering elite writers for film or TV, resulting in $6 million in specs sold to studios. Notable alumni include Evan Daugherty (Snow White and the Huntsman) and Tripper Clancy (Stuber), in addition to hundreds of others who found representation and had their work optioned or produced thanks to long-term efforts by the Script Pipeline team.

Film Pipeline

Launched in January 2018, Film Pipeline spotlights extraordinary directors as well as distinguished, innovative short scripts that merit development, financing, and production. Contest selections are circulated to agencies, producers, and managers looking for emerging directors, proof-of-concept or standalone shorts, and filmmakers across a broad spectrum of backgrounds. Unlike a typical festival, Film Pipeline promotes individual directors to specific industry execs and takes an active role in getting content produced and distributed.

Book Pipeline

Keeping pace with Hollywood’s continual demand for intellectual property, Book Pipeline considers fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, and other creative material in any genre. Formed in 2014 as the first company to scout manuscripts for film and television adaptation, the annual contest has provided thousands of writers an open door to a previously inaccessible side of the industry. In conjunction with Script Pipeline, winners and finalists receive guidance in developing a screenplay, TV pilot, or pitch based on their stories.